My Axiom Story...

Hi, I’m Scott McLin, President and “the Scott” of Just ASK Scott. 
During my 25 years as a salesperson, sales manager, and channel manager, despite having plenty of talent, there have been times when I struggled to consistently make my numbers and to put together the best solutions for my customers.

As a sales manager, I know how difficult it can be to manage the funnels, forecasts, and activities of a team that are all working in different ways. I have also experienced the 80/20 rule causing me to spend most of my time managing the 80% that are just barely getting by or not getting by at all.

In 2015, I was fortunate enough to learn and begin using the Axiom Sales Kinetics Selling Sciences Program which helped me improve my closing ratios leading to increased sales at higher margins. I was able to better qualify opportunities allowing me and my team to focus on the deals that we could win and stop wasting time on the deals that we couldn’t. Managing funnels and forecasts also became easier as I now had a clearer picture of each deal. The most important benefit was I was now able to have a consultative conversation with my customers and prospects which allowed me to put together the best solutions for their business. It truly was a life-changing event for me and those that I work with.

The passion that I have for the Axiom Process lead me to become an ASK Implementer to coach others to get the same results. As part of the ASK Team, I work together with the ASK Staff, Ambassadors, and other ASK Implementers to deliver and reinforce training solutions to you and your team.

So, if you have read all the way down to this point, then some part (if not all) of “my story” must have resonated with you. Don’t keep dealing with the problems. Things won’t get better until you make a change.

Contact me now to start getting DRAMATICALLY better results than you’re getting today.